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Cloth Wipes

You have chosen cloth diapers--why not use cloth wipes, too?  Actually using cloth wipes in conjuction with cloth diapers is convenient and easy and you will need less of them because one or two nice, thick, cloth wipes clean up more efficiently than several flimsy disposables.  Plus, after clean-up, simply throw all your soiled items into your dirty wet bag or pail--no need to separate dirty disposable wipes for disposal in the trash (and no stinkies sitting in your garbage can waiting to go out to the curb).  Furthermore, you can be sure that your wipes are toxin free and safe for your baby's skin (have you ever read those ingredients that are in most popular disposable wipes?  Nitro-propane among others?  No thanks!!!)

Easy and Safe Cloth Wipes Recipe

You will need:

1 Planet Wise Wipe Pouch (or any small, reusable, watertight container)

1 Dozen Organic Cotton Flannel Wipes

1 small mixing bowl or cup (glass liquid measuring cups work great)


1 Cup Water (boiled and cooled if wipes will be sitting for several days, or straight from your tap if you plan to use them right away)

1 Tbsp. Baby Shampoo (preferably Earth Mama Angel Baby or TruKid)

1 Tbsp. Baby Oil (preferably Earth Mama Angel Baby)

 Put your twelve dry cloth wipes into your wipe pouch.  Mix wet ingredients well in a small bowl or cup and then slowly pour into pouch to saturate wipes.  

Your pouch containing twelve damp wipes should last you throughout your day of diapering.  For convenience, you might like to have two sets for rotation between washings: a total of two dozen wipes and two wipe pouches.